Monday, December 17, 2012

And now for something completely different...

In addition to considering running 4e D&D, I am also considering running one of a number of other rpgs. I have discussed running a Star Wars game with one of my D&D players. We have agreed that we'd like to run several more D&D sessions before actually starting it however. In general, except for several PbP campaigns, most of which haven't gone very far and a couple of one shots I haven't played anything except D&D. However, I would like to.

For Star Wars I haven't quite decided which game to use. I am strongly considering using d6 Space as it is free and I could use material from the old WEG game with it. There is also MiniSix, but I think that it could in some ways be too simple, as I'd like more complex rules for vehicles for instance. The new FFG game is also a possibility, but I'd rather not require my player to buy anything. Saga Edition has the same problem which is compounded by the amount of material for that game. However, more material means more material I can use, however.

I am also considering trying another game. I have run many PbP games of the Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game, but only briefly in person. So I'd like to try running that in person or over sometime. Or trying another Superhero rpg. Like Mutants and Masterminds. I own BESM 3e and Tristat dx, so I've considered running those as well. I'm a fan of a number of anime, in various genres so I could run a game for them or a similar campaign. However, I'm not sure BESM would in fact be the best choice for any game I run.

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