Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monster Hill Campaign 1st and 2nd Sessions

Well, I recently got to play my Monster Hill Campaign with some of my old friends. I happened to be able to hangout with each of them during the summer and then I asked them to play D&D with me. So we did.

The first session was pretty meh, with some good moments. Highlights include, a hireling falling into a pit trap, and then being left at the entrance to the dungeon, where he was subsequently killed (and they knew a creature was roaming around out there), goblins beating them up and taking them prisoner (they escaped and cut the goblins throats in the night), two of there number being hypnotized by a shadow faerie and encountering a cyclops and two ogres and having to run away. They escaped by running through the room labyrinth they were in and then finding an old mediation chamber with the images of five demon lords that were once worshiped at Monster Hill, or four demon lords and an outer god... The image of Yog-Sothoth marked where a secret door was and from there they managed to find a way out, observing the corpses of the bandits my PbP group killed.

The second time we played online on roll20.net. One of the players from last time went into the dungeon with four hirelings. They managed to kill an ogre, thanks to very good rolls on the part of the hirelings, including a critical hit. They unlocked the door to the right in the corridor where the door to the ogre's room, using a key the ogre held. They survived a burning hands trap and found two magic wands on an amethyst encrusted pedestal. If they sell the wands they might have enough xp for both PCs to level up, if they split the loot between them as I suggested they do, despite only one player being able to play, The player was only able to explore one more room before we ran out of time. This room was an enigma, containing stairs to the next room... and a trail of bloody foot prints that led from the stairs, across the room, up the wall and then over to the other side of the room, were unbeknownst to them, a secret door was located.