Thursday, January 12, 2012

An article that intrigues me


This article has some bits that intrigue me, in particular this part:

"Second, and most important: Wizards is on the right track.
I’m not a fan of fourth edition. I find the combat slow, the powers limiting, and the rules inhospitable to the kind of creative world-building, story-telling and problem-solving that make D&D great.
But so far, the fifth edition rules show promise. They’re simple without being stupid, and efficient without being shallow. Combat was quick and satisfying; we got through most of an adventure in just a few hours. And I get the sense that fifth edition will bring back some of the good complexity of previous versions, allowing players to create unique characters and new worlds."
From that it sounds like they're on the right track to me.

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  1. I'm not keeping track of this new product as I'm happy in my little nitch. You're first I've seen mention access to the rules and game play but I don't read the Wizards web site either. I'm glad to here the game sounds promising so far.